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Going The Extra Mile

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

It was one of those weekends... The weekends were the calls just didn't stop. But neither did our staff.

Another amazing rescue from our amazing staff!

Elvis has been busy this weekend. He has not hesitated to help where he can and we are so proud of him.

From helping to dig out a petrified dog hiding from the fireworks. A puppy that was hit by a car, driving around in narrow dirt roads to locate the puppy who sadly had to be euthanised due to being paralysed. And then getting a call about a dog in a storm water drain.....this weekend has not been one for taking it easy.

...this weekend has not been one for taking it easy.

Thank you to the person who called in to let us know about the poor pup stuck in the storm water drain. You are amazing for caring!

Elvis we know that it's part of your job BUT you have been phenomenal this weekend and we at the SPCA and the public say a HUGE THANK YOU!

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