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Saying Goodbye is Hard

The most beautiful thing and the most heartbreaking moment is when a family has made the decision to put their beloved animal down and they ask if they could pray....

You can't help but to stand there in silence listening to the family praying and saying goodbye to a being they loved so much.

It's beyond beautiful.

We walk out feeling heartbroken and sometimes defeated when we have to do a euthanasia. When we are the only ones holding on to an animal that has been forgotten, left and in their last moments we give them love.

We walk out feeling heartbroken and sometimes defeated...

For that tiny moment they had love and that's something I will always treasure. They had someone for a few minutes to give them love.

Thank you for standing by them. Thank you for being there in their last moments. Thank you for being selfless.

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1 Comment

Hey can I bring my dog there coz we have building so the yard is now small in which the dog doesn't have space to play...but my dog is aggressive to other dogs but friendly to people....

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