Adoption Procedures

Before adopting an animal, please do research on the breed’s needs and behaviours.

Please take note of the procedure if you would like to adopt a pet from us. The procedure may seem complicated but it is the best way to ensure that all our animals are homed to good, loving families. Should you have any queries regarding this procedure, please enquire at reception, email us or call us on 011-462 1610.

Step 1

Kennel rows A to E are for dogs

Our cattery, row F is behind row E

Browse through our kennels and see if there is a pet that you would be interested in adopting. If there is, please take note of the kennel number and inquire at the reception for further details.

With the adoption of kittens or puppies, there may be a longer waiting period before reservations and/or pre-homes can be done. This is due to the need for observation for potential diseases in the animals as they are more susceptible than the adult animals.

Please note: You may be asked to bring your existing pet/s into the SPCA for a compatibility test with the new family pet. In some adoptions this may well be insisted on. Male dog to male dog adoptions require a compatibility test and the existing male be sterilised.

Step 2

If the animal is available for adoption, reception will reserve the animal for you. A pre-home form is to be completed so one of our Inspectors can inspect your premises to ensure that it is adequate for the pet you wish to adopt from the SPCA.

Please read the pre-home form carefully to ensure the questions are completed correctly and legibly. No adoptions can be done on behalf of anyone.

An animal must be chosen before a pre-home check can be done. Each breed of animal has specific criteria we check for.

Pre-home inspections are only undertaken during working hours and the Inspector’s decision is final. We do not, under any circumstances, adopt dogs to families who do not have private gardens, whose property is not fully walled or who live in flats.

We cannot contravene the municipal by-laws by adopting into a home where there are already, or would be, too many animals.

Step 3

Should your pre-home application be approved, you will have to come back to the SPCA Randburg within 48 hours to complete the documentation and pay the adoption fee.

Adoption Fee

The fee you pay is for the sterilisation of the animal, the vaccination, de-worming and a collar with an ID disc. A microchip can be implanted for an additional amount.

Please inquire at the reception for up to date adoption fees and the cost of a microchip.

Our animal adoption procedure and adoption fee is not negotiable.

Should the applicant fail to come back and complete the adoption procedure within 48 hours, the animal may be homed to the next interested party.

A post-home check will be none on the animal from time to time.

Step 4

(Please note, very important!)

Before the animal leaves the society, we require proof of residence, and if you reside in a flat (in the case of a cat), complex or if you rent, we require a letter from the body corporate or landlord stating that you are permitted to have an animal on the property.

Step 5

Your pet can be collected from the SPCA Randburg after 09H00 the day after the pet has been to the veterinarian unless otherwise stipulated.

Please note we do not offer refunds or “swap animals” for any adoption that doesn’t work out in the new home.

Thank you very much for considering adoption from our SPCA. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.