About The SPCA

The SPCA is a registered non-profit organization. We receive no funding from Government whatsoever.

The objectives of our society are:

  • To prevent cruelty and the ill treatment of animals.
  • To prevent wanton and improper treatment of animals.
  • To encourage kindness and consideration toward animals, including the establishment and promotion of Junior Movements.
  • To maintain and protect animal and bird life in their natural habitats.
  • To educate the entire community with regard to the humane treatment and compassion of animals.

The first SPCA in South Africa started approximately 125 years ago and today there are 89 individual SPCA’s throughout South Africa plus the National Council of SPCA’s (NSPCA) with its nationally operated units. SPCA’s work to prevent cruelty to animals through education, assistance and support. We work and assist with all species of animals.

The maintenance of high standards of welfare and quality of service to the community were addressed when the self governing Act of Parliament came into force in the early 1990’s when Act 169 of 1993 was enacted: – The Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. This means that each SPCA operates according to a set of standard regulations against which their performance and the public’s expectations can be measured.

Outreach projects are held in areas where there is no individual SPCA and where there are no veterinarians. These areas are normally rural and impoverished.

As an animal welfare organization, we believe that the way to fix problems is to literally go out there and be part of the solution.

There is a huge difference between deliberate, knowing cruelty to animals and the result of poverty and lack of education. Add to that the element of available resources. When animal abuse is intentional, we can and do not only officially warn but we lay criminal charges. But when people are trying their best and come to us for help or are receptive to our welfare advice, then we more than meet them half way. We go out to them.

“Our mission is exactly as our name indicates, to prevent cruelty to animals by way of education, law enforcement, pro-active and re-active activities. This means that we are concerned with the welfare of all animals, from the tiniest mouse to the largest blue whale.”