The Randburg SPCA is a registered, non-profit organization based in Northriding, Randburg.

Our main objectives are:

  • Pet adoption – We place only healthy animals with good dispositions. All animals are spayed or neutered before thay are allowed to go to their new homes. We require that new owners maintain the proper facilities and care for the animals. We screen potential adopters very carefully to ensure that our animals find permanent homes.
  • Cruelty prevention and investigations into animal cruelty.
  • School education programs.
  • Taking in stray and unwanted pets or farm animals.
  • Pro-active investigations of establishments such as pet shops, livestock sales, circuses etc.
  • Re-active investigations of cruelty complaints.
  • Lost and found pets.
  • Animal rescue (wild and domestic animals and birds).
  • Education outreach.
  • Large and small animal pound.

“Our primary and motivating concern is the prevention of cruelty to all living creatures. We are mindful that humans have been endowed with a sense of moral values. For this reason, we believe humans are responsible for the welfare of those animals that they have domesticated and those upon whose natural environment humans encroach”

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